We’re a nation addicted to selfies and our camera phones, but what is the most shocking thing you’ve caught on your camera?

The story about Sean Mobey videoing a burglary in progress on his iPhone after he heard noises outside his back window is back in the news today after the burglar was jailed for 21 months, all thanks to him.

He had spotted the thief using a cutting tool to remove an entire window from a neighbour’s house, before climbing in and stealing from the home.

Sean’s quick thinking to film the incident did more good than if he had put himself in danger trying to confront the burglar.

Not only did he capture shocking footage but the video was crucial in convicting career criminal Mark Donaldson.

When he handed it over to the police they recognised his face straight away and he ended up in court.

The judge praised Sean’s actions and when Donaldson was jailed and we spoke to him to hear about his role. He shared the footage with us, and his story was featured by many of the national newspapers.

What’s the most shocking thing you’ve caught on camera? Get in touch, we would love to hear from you. Who knows, maybe your video could be the next viral hit!

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