Guide to Selling Your Story

GET IN TOUCH: If you think you may have a story, you can drop us an email using the link below – and don’t worry, telling us about your story idea doesn’t commit you to anything, no matter how long we spend talking to you!

MONEY TALK: One of our friendly award winning features team will call you to advise how much money you can expect to receive for your story and where it’s likely to be published – and we’ll be honest. If we think you have an amazing story or we don’t think you have a story at all, we’ll tell you from the start, so there’ll be no time wasting.

MAKE IT OFFICIAL: Once you’ve decided to sell your story through Cavendish Press, we’ll arrange for you to sign our contract, which confirms that your story will be told exclusively to us and also guarantees payment of your agreed fee. Click here to see a copy of our contract

WORDS AND PICTURES: We’ll arrange to carry out an interview and photo shoot at a time convenient to you and pick up any photographs that are relevant to your story. We’ll write the story and go through it with you before it’s sent to the magazine, to make sure you’re happy with it.

PAY DAY: Your story will be published and you will receive a cheque in the post within eight to ten weeks - it’s that simple!

If you have a story please email [email protected]. We'd like to hear from you.