Selling Your Pictures

If you have caught THAT picture of a breaking news event, your favourite celebrity, wacky weather, or the cuddliest creatures, we could make you thousands.

It doesn't matter if your picture is taken on a mobile phone, digital camera or professional camera gear, please download them onto your PC and send them to us NOW.

The quicker you send them in to us, the bigger chance there is for more cash. You will get a 60% split of every sale and a monthly sales report. Our 40% is spent on our great selling expertise, accounting and storing your pictures on our archive.

When sending in pictures don't forget to add your full name, your full address, your telephone number and your email address.

Contributors should try and submit their photographs in a Jpg format at around 1mb sized compressed file. Please send one image at a time and not a whole folder of pictures at once. Anyone unable to use the image uploader or with video or mobile phone footage should: Email: [email protected]

Terms + Conditions

By submitting photographs to Cavendish Press, you confirm that you own the copyright in the photograph(s).

Whilst you are not an employee of Cavendish Press you grant Cavendish Press an exclusive licence to sell and syndicate the photograph(s) worldwide on a 60/40 split in your favour onto various media and to feature the said photograph (s) on websites owned by Cavendish Press and asociated companies.

Should any submitted pictures be given independently to any rival media outlet during the course of Cavendish Press syndicating the said photograph (s), then the 60/40 split agreement would be declared null and void.

Cavendish Press will not syndicate any pictures submitted which could be seen to invade or abuse another person's privacy or cause unlawful, harassment, abusive, threatening, harmful, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, racially offensive or otherwise objectionable annoyance which could give rise to civil or criminal liability against Cavendish Press. We strictly adhere to codes outlined in the Press Complaints Commission .

We will not syndicate any submitted photograph (s) which have been manipulated or doctored in anyway prior to submision to Cavendish Press. By submitting pictures to Cavendish Press You will also be held wholly responsible for any criminal or civil liability should any misdemeanour or wrongdoing occur during the commissioning of a picture(s) being taken.

By submitting your photograph (s) to Cavendish Press you warrant that your photograph (s) is your own original work, does not infringe any law; and you indemnify Cavendish Press against all legal fees, damages and other expenses that may be incurred by Cavendish Press as a result of any breach of the above warranty.