Diet and Weight Loss Success Stories

With the glossy mags filled with airbrushed images of super-skinny celebs sporting the latest fashions, many women today feel under constant pressure to stay slim and look their best.

If you’ve worked hard and managed to lose a few stone, why not show it off? Sharing your weight-loss journey in a magazine can provide a keepsake of your life-changing experience and inspire other women to follow in your footsteps, giving them the motivation they need to succeed.

Maybe your weight loss was sparked by an unflattering photograph, or health scare, a personal tragedy, or big event? Did you lose several stone after hypnosis? Did a fad diet make you seriously ill? Did your drastic weight loss ruin your life? Did your partner leave because he didn’t like your new, slimmer look?

It’s worth noting that not everyone wants to be super-slim – maybe you love your huge figure, and find that men can’t get enough of you? Maybe you deliberately piled on the pounds to feel sexy?

From boob jobs and tummy tucks to gastric bands and liposuction, more women are turning to cosmetic surgery to achieve their ideal look – maybe you spent thousands on surgery to look like your favourite celebrity? Or had a gastric band fitted to slim into your dream wedding dress?

Sadly, society’s obsession with image causes some women to fall victim to eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia or to develop conditions such as Body Dismorphic Disorder. Maybe you’ve overcome something like this, or have a cautionary tale to share about a loved one.

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