Relationship Stories

Open up any women’s magazine and you’re guaranteed to be met with the latest gossip on the love lives of the rich and famous.

From Brad and Ang to Posh and Becks, women the world over are obsessed with the inner-workings of celeb relationships.

But it’s not just the A-list tales that make a good read – magazines are filled with stories of ordinary people sharing their own happy, sad, saucy or downright crazy relationship experiences that real women can relate to.

Does your love-life resemble an Eastenders script? Did you finally find Mr Right after years of heartache?

Did your wedding have a whacky theme? Did you experience the honeymoon from hell?

Do you want to expose a cheating love-rat partner? Or perhaps confess to your own sizzling affair? Has ‘swinging’ spiced up your marriage?

Do you have a cross-dressing hubby? Do you have an athletic toy-boy hubby or a doting sugar-daddy? Have you ever worked as an escort to raise cash? Did your holiday romance turn sour?

Or maybe you even have that top-secret scoop on a celebrity relationship?

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