When celebrating a wedding anniversary with your loved one, most of us (you might think) would want to spend the entire evening with said loved one.

But not Harley Street doctor Nadir Omara.

After the consultant psychiatrist's wife went to bed when the couple returned home from a romantic meal at a restaurant, Omara knocked back up to five double whiskies, sat down to watch the crime movie American Hustle - then bombarded female colleagues with lewd and ''heavy breathing'' phone calls at 2am.

A tribunal heard the 49-year old rang two women a total of 20 times during their night shifts at a clinic - telling one: ''I want you to open open your legs.' He then began ''huffing and puffing'' as if carrying out a sex act when the phone was passed to a senior member of staff.

Police were called in after the women known as Miss A and Miss B complained of being frightened, upset and shocked by the sexually explicit calls between 1.20am and 2.30am at the Abbeycare addiction treatment centre, near Newmarket, Suffolk.

One of the women recognised the voice of Omara - an expert in treating addictions - and he was arrested the following day. He claimed he was only ringing the clinic as he needed medication and was ''burping and retching'' at the time of the calls but last February he was jailed for 12 weeks during a court hearing at which he fainted in the dock on being told he was going to prison.

He was subsequently referred to the General Medical Council. Cavendish Press' coverage of the case which continues at the Medical Practioners Tribunal Service in Manchester featured in the Daily Mail, Daily Express and The Sun newspaper.

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