Caged at last: Killer 'Monster' who went on run for 12 years

Caged at last: The killer 'Monster' who went on the run for 12 years

The 6 foot 4 inches tall brute mowed down a five year old boy and left him to die during a joyriding jaunt - but he never gave himself up to police.

Instead Mackin spent the next 12 years enjoying a life of hard partying and exotic holidays abroad as the family of little Sam Walker were left wondering who killed their son.

When police finally got a tip off that Mackin was the driver behind the wheel of a Mitsubishi car which ran down Sam in February 2003, the 35-year old responded by posting a taunting picture of himself in the Dominican Republic outside a shop called: ''On The Run.''

Other pictures showed father of three Mackin on boating and snorkelling expeditions, flicking V signs and lounging in bed.

He also posted gang-styled warning messages to potential informants saying: ''Am da coldest guy a live in da north pole don’t give a about da past or anybody. Born to run yaself before I do am off for a jog bang”.

Another read: ''Any snitchiz ....getting left right hooks an buried in ditchis watch news for more.''

Police eventually charged Mackin, from Whalley Range, Manchester after he was arrested and jailed for a vicious robbery on a 17-year old boy.

At Manchester Crown Court he was jailed for nine years after he was convicted of causing death by dangerous driving following a retrial.

True to his nickname Mackin denied wrongoing - and as a result twice forced Sam's grieving mother Jacqueline to relive the moment she saw her son killed in front of her as they were heading out to a family picnic.

She later gave a statement saying: ''The actions of the driver cost me my son and changed my life forever. The pain and suffering I experience is made much worse by the fact the driver did not stop.

"He left my son in the road and left me to suffer the additional anguish of not knowing for 12 years. There is not a day I don't think about Sam. I would have fought for justice for him until the day I died.''

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