When she publicised a sponsored 18 mile walk for disadvantaged children on the internet, family court judge Sarah Singleton hoped it would get the right attention needed for donations towards her cause.

But instead, her plea on the website Just Giving attracted the wrong kind of attention - from an embittered surrogate mother who had appeared before her in court just months earlier.

Lian Harris, 41, (pictured above) who was smarting over losing a legal battle to keep her child, posted the Just Giving entry on her own Facebook page with a sarcastic rallying call suggesting she and friends turn out to ''support'' Judge Singleton during a sponsored walk - and urging followers to ''bring an egg or 2.''

Later Harris tracked down the whereabouts of the QC's home and confronted the judge on her doorstep attempting to pass her a handwritten note in the process. Judge Singleton, 53, swiftly shut her front door in a state of panic and subsequently called police.

But Harris later posted a picture of herself outside the judge's property holding a banner saying: ''Family courts corrupt to the core - complicit with child abuse.''

At Manchester magistrates court, a statement from Judge Singleton detailing her ordeal was read out as Harris who admitted harassment was banned for life from contacting her under the terms of a restraining order.

The judge said: "I was alarmed and fearful at being targeted and it has trampled over my right to a family life. I feel concerned that the posts were left in the public domain for so long and I am concerned that is has exposed me to other people who intend to harass and molest me, or worse."

The court heard Harris had agreed to be a surrogate mother for a couple, but in June last year she decided to keep her baby and her case was heard in the family courts before Judge Singleton.

Last January the case went against Harris with the judge ruling the unnamed child should remain with the couple.

Cavendish Press' coverage of Harris' harassment case featured in The Daily Mail and The Times.

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