When Susan Graham attended an inquest into the untimely death of her daughter Sky, she hoped her family would get they answers wanted as to what happened to her.

But having learned 16-year old Sky had binged on Ecstasy before collapsing on a former school friend's bed, Mrs Graham was unable to control her emotions when she subsequently discovered the friend had failed to call an ambulance.

As the girl finished testifying, Mrs Graham shouted at her: "If you phoned the ambulance straight away my baby would still be here.

''In my opinion, you f*cking killed her. You delayed that ambulance and stopped her getting the urgent attention she needed. I can't sit and listen to any more of this because they f*cking killed her.

''As soon as she knew there was something wrong she should have phoned the ambulance. My daughter is never coming back. I will say it until the day I'm placed in my own coffin. They killed her." She then left the hearing for five minutes to compose herself before returning.

Earlier the hearing was told Sky ''off the scale'' after taking five times the fatal level of MDMA having earlier bought the drug in Blackburn, Lancs. 

Paramedics were eventually called to the friend's house after the unnamed girl waited around half an hour before calling a third teenager who turned up at the house and realised Sky was seriously ill.

Sky was rushed to hospital but died an hour later. According to friends she had 'bashed up a massive bag of MDMA and tipped it into her mouth' in the hours before her death. Tests showed she had also taken significant amounts of heroin and cocaine.

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