When Jody Parcel inexplicably lost her hearing when she was just two years old, she was forced not only to accept a set of hearing aids but also to face the prospect of a life of silence.

Despite being teased at school for 'wearing funny things in her ears' Jody battled against her disability and with the help of speech therapists and specialist teachers, Jody scooped 8 GCSEs including English, Welsh and history.

But when she met her fiancé and they had two children together, Jody was determined to hear her and husband to be Jerry swap wedding vows - and also hear her loved ones for the first time.

So she got on NHS waiting list for surgery to have cochlear implants fitted and after a two year wait, on 14th September 2015, on her 30th birthday, Jody underwent a 4-hour procedure to fit the cochlear devices.

Four weeks later, on 12th October 2015, the devices were switched on.

Jody wept tears of joy as she heard her fiancé’s voice for the very first time. And, when she heard the tiny voices of her children Alfie and Poppy, she felt as though her dreams had finally come true.

Jodie, Rhondda, South Wales, who has now booked her wedding day: “My babies’ voices are the sweetest sounds I have ever heard. And it was just completely amazing to hear Jerry’s voice for the first time.

''Until now, so many noises have registered as beeps or vibrations. But to actually hear their voices was magical. I have heard so many new noises I didn’t even realise existed, like clothes rustling. It’s a crazy, noisy world.

''This is just the start of an incredible journey for me. There’s still a long, long way to go and I still have a lot of noises to learn. But I am absolutely delighted that I can hear those I love most. It’s wonderful.”

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