It has often been said that men like Paul Hollywood, 49, (pictured above) look better with age. So maybe it should come as no surprise that a new survey claims going grey ages women twice as fast as men.

Women look six years older when they have a significant covering of grey hair, the poll found.

But men with a similar covering of grey hair only look three year older - with most saying they'd rather be grey than bald.

On average women first start going grey when they are 34 - the same age as the Duchess of Cambridge.

Men discover their first grey hairs a year earlier than women at 33 - the same age as Prince William who is five months younger than his wife Kate.
Eight out of ten women (82%) immediately pluck their first grey hairs.

And within a year of the onset of greying, almost three-quarters of women (74%) are dying their hair to disguise their grey hairs.

The vast majority of men are happy to let nature takes it course.

Only 31% start plucking their grey hair as soon as they appear.

And less than a fifth of men (18%) are dying their hair within a year of of the onset of greyness.

The results are revealed in a new survey of 1,000 people by Crown Clinic in Manchester, Britain's leading hair transplant centre.

It found that 72% of women dread the onset of greying and 62% said grey hairs aged them more quickly than any other factor.

Just 36% dreaded its onset and 71% said losing their hair would be a more significant factor in the ageing process than going grey.

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