She was known as ''GI Jane'' due to her devotion to duty on the Afghanistan frontline.

But when solider Rachel Dorrian returned to the UK on home leave, she got herself caught up in a vicious brawl in which she felled a man and a woman with the SAME PUNCH - and left her drummed out of the British Army.

The Corporal, 24 - a former British judo champion and fanatical weightlifter- reportedly ''went mental'' when she was ejected from a nightclub and left the male victim with a broken nose and the woman with a black eye.

The incident took place outside the New York, New York bar in Manchester's Gay Village.

Blonde haired Dorrian who serves with the Queen’s Royal Hussars had been one of a handful of female soldiers at Lashkar Gah base at Helmand Province in 2011. She is thought to have joined the army aged 18, won a gold medal in the British Judo Championships in 2010 and was based in Germany before being posted to Afghanistan.

She worked as a company clerk with her regiment but also helped with searches of suspect females and regularly headed out on patrol in Helmand with her male colleagues. She got her nickname after the movie character played by Demi Moore.

But following her conviction for assault at Manchester Crown Court Dorrian's case was transferred to Bulford military camp in Salisbury, Wiltshire when she was locked up for 18 months and kicked out of the armed forces.

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