Traditionally when a children's party goes awry it's usually down to one of the children who will get a stern ticking off from the adults.

But police had to be called out to a fifth birthday party after one of the grown-ups went berserk when he was told off for playfighting.

Kieron Morgan, 30, had already sparked a wave of tut-tutting amongst the guests when he crept up to mothers attending the party and began pinching their arms for a lark.

But when the joke wore thin, Morgan - whose own nephew was the birthday boy - overreacted when he accidentally knocked a little girl over and was asked to stop being a nuisance by the party's host Stacey Whitehead, 23.

In a childish rage, the chastened uncle nipped the arm of Miss Whitehead herself before storming out of the house only to return moments later to attack the victim causing the ten youngsters at the event to burst into tears.

As Miss Whitehead tried to calm Morgan, he grabbed and pushed her through a door and she fell over landing sideways on a sofa.

When police were called in Miss Whitehead who left with bruising said she ''disgusted'' at her boorish guest and said the children were ''scared and no doubt upset at what they saw.''

Details emerged at Burnley magistrates court, Lancs where Morgan admitted assault by beating. He was ordered to pay £50 compensation to Miss Whitehead plus £85 court costs.

After the case Miss Whitehead a mother of one said: ''He completely ruined the party and what he did will have had a massive impact on the children. The youngest at the party was 18 months old but Kieron was the most childish person there. He behaved like a spoilt little brat.''

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