Posing in identical red and white hooped sweaters and showing off their flowing long blonde hair 11-year old twin sisters Morgan and Ellie Cairns seemed like butter wouldn't melt in these heartwarming family snaps.

But fast forward three years, the ominous signs of childhood innocence being swapped for teenage attitude were already clear as the pair who called themselves the ''The Boom Girls'' were pouting for selfies in their hoodies tracksuit bottoms and face studs.

So last week the Cairns girls, now 14, were named and shamed as ringleaders of a teenage gang which brought misery to motorists shopkeepers and locals around their neighbourhood in Preston Lancs for up to six YEARS.

Lancashire Police said the girls's gang would hurl racial abuse in the street, vandalise amenities, spit at residents and even turned off gas supplies as a prank.

Roaming in the groups of up of 18 they even brought misery to a summer fete in which threatened to puncture a bouncy castle with a knife and steal face paints. The girls and their friends would also pilfer fruit and vegetables from local grocers shops and pelted passing traffic.

Graffitti was sprayed over an ice cream van and the youngsters were seen clambering on top of private buildings including flats, sheds and schools, and setting fires. Police helped by council investigators kept a dossier on the girl's activities which showed they had first come to the attention of officers aged just eight, and the and had been causing trouble for six years.

Details of the twins terror campaign on the Callons estate and nearby Ribbleton in Preston, Lancs emerged at the city's youth court where Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction orders were granted with the approval of their own mothers. ASBIs replaced ASBOs last year.

Despite the public shaming, the girls were reportedly wearing tracksuits in court with Ellie sporting a black eye and Morgan with scratches amid claims they had fought with each other the night before.

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