On the NHS frontline, they maybe the thoughts of many a doctor who works in hospital accident emergency departments.

But Dr Christian Solomonides, 37 refused to keep his own thoughts to himself when dealing with A&E patients.

The consultant in emergency medicine in London ran an expletive laden Twitter account in which he ranted about them ''crippling'' the NHS with ''f..king bulls**t'' callouts.

He posted dozens of foul mouthed messages on his social media page claiming 90 per cent of A&E admissions were from ''ambulatory neurotics'' and added: "A few aches and pains... Who f**king cares... Just crack on like every other normal thinking person."

Other motormouth missives included: ''Ambulance for a broken nail, an earache, period pain, not being able to sleep are all REAL. What's going on with the people of the U.K..."

The medic, a Grade 8 level pianist and avid weightlifter went on: ''It costs £1,000 to deploy an ambulance and convey to hospital, I would say that 90% of call outs are f**king bullsh*t (as I work front line). You can quickly appreciate why the NHS is crippled financially.

"A fine of £50 to those who abuse A&E will soon keep drive away the droves of ambulatory neurotics.''

But Solomonides landed in hot water when the tweets posted on his Twitter page over three-and-half years were referred to the General Medical Council. The account identified him as a doctor and made references to his job at Barnet Hospital in London and carried the small biography: 'Physician, Point of care sonographer, pianist and powerlifter."

Further tweets he posted included: "I'm sure ADHD is merely a polite term for a child who is just a little sh**." He later added: "Don't come to the ED [emergency department] at 4am with a sniffle and expect a f**king cough mixture."

In a further rant he went on: "You call a patient in. No reply. Then a "friend says, "oh I'll just get them from outside, they're having a fag." The system has collapsed.''

Another read: ''Army, water cannons and guns needed on the streets. The feral ignorant council-bred youth need LIVING SH*T kicked out of them.''

At a fitness to practice hearing in Manchester Solomonides, of Chingford, East London, admitted posting 188 potentially offensive tweets from his account between July 2011 and January last year. Now deactivated, it was online under the handle @drcms1 and was 'easy to find on a Google search', the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service was told.

From the account, he aired his views on politics, atheism and the state of the NHS but the doctor - who was described as an 'excellent clinician' - also used the public forum to slam patients.

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