For many parents, there maybe bouts of nervousness going through their minds whenever they go out for the evening leaving their teenage children at home on their own.

But company director Mark Coope ended up being battered and left for dead by a mob of drunken thugs after he came home from a friend's party to find them gatecrashing his teenage daughter's ''qirlie night-in'' with friends.

Mr Coope, 54, had left 14-year old Shannon and five friends to enjoy pizza and a movie whilst he and his wife Rachel, 43, and his eldest daughter Heather, 22, went to a friend's 60th birthday party.

But news of the ''takeaway and chick flick'' night was posted on Facebook during the evening, and a crowd of up to 25 teenage boys converged on Mr Coope's family home in Oldham, Greater Manchester.

The engineering company boss - a black belt Ju-Jitsu master - rushed back home following a panic call from Shannon and ordered the yobs to leave only to be hit about the head with a malt whisky bottle which had been pilfered from his drinks cabinet.

The thugs then fled the property leaving Mr Coope in a pool of blood. He spent up to five hours in the Royal Oldham Hospital's accident and emergency department where he was treated for a broken nose and various head wounds.

It emerged in their bid to enter the house, the youths aged between 15 and 18 smashed up the front door, before helping themselves to Mr Coope's collection of spirits and wines. Shannon herself was hit in the face as she tried to stop her father being attacked.

As father of three Mr Coope recovered at home he said: “If I wasn't as strong as I am these stupid boys could have ended up facing a murder charge - given I was hit around the head with a glass bottle. I have never encountered anything like this before.

''My daughter is a sensible girl and just wanted a fun, girlie night in with her best friends - but unfortunately they made a mistake by sharing it on Facebook and that information ended up in the wrong hands. Whatever some might say I don't blame social media for what happened.

''This was all down to a lack of discipline and respect on the part of those thugs and you can't blame Facebook for that. Youngsters should be able to share the fact that they are having a nice, care-free and fun time away from the grown ups.''

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