The British driving test can be stressful experience for anyone especially when they spend months learning the Highway code and memorising the theory.

But spare a though for Anthony Altree who splurged £2,500 on more than 100 driving lessons in a bid to get his licence.

The part-time musician, 24, was just a quarter of the way into his test when examiner John Williams feared he was going too fast and suddenly slammed the brakes on the test vehicle's dual controls as he was about to pull away from a road junction.

Alltree was so furious, he jumped out of the driver's seat and slammed the door shut shouting: ''It's ridiculous'' at Mr Williams and instructor Kenneth Spencer who was sat in the back of the vehicle.

As attempts were made to calm him down he added: ''You wouldn't have done that if you knew who I was'' - then as they drove the car back to the test centre in Nelson, Lancs, Alltree chasing after the vehicle on foot shouting: ''All I have to do is make one phone call and you are both dead. I will kill you."

Police were called after he caught up with them 10 minutes later and carried out with on his tirade.

Mr Williams, a driving examiner for ten years felt so shocked and shaken by Alltree's outburst, he could not conduct any further tests that day. Police later spoke to Alltree but he denied making death threats saying: " I just called him a p***k and said I would kick his head in. "

At Burnley magistrates court Alltree admitted using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour but was was ordered to face a trial over the facts.

He said later: ''I just wasn't happy with the fact the examiner failed me quarter of the way in to my test. I had just spent good money on lessons and the test itself - and I deserved a full test as far as I'm concerned as it would have given me extra experience.

"I did say silly stuff which shouldn't have come out but it's in the heat of the moment - yet they're making me look like a man possessed.'

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