Most of us would settle for two cars on the drive and maybe a ''boy's toy'' runaround in the garage.

But then again, none of us are Raheem Sterling.

The football star is driving his teammates round the bend by turning up for work EVERY day in a different car.

England and Manchester City ace Raheem, 21, has a fleet of SIX vehicles, including his 'weekend car' a £150,000 Ranger Rover Sport and a Mercedes smart car as a ''runaround.''

Staff at Man City's Etihad complex said that the flying winger, who joined for a record £49million in the summer from Liverpool, often arrives at training in five different cars through the week.

To add to the confusion he has recently had one of his cars, a white Audi S6, resprayed black.

But unlike some of his teammates, including £31.7million defender Nicholas Otamendi who drives a customised £250,000 Rolls Royce Wraith, some of Sterling's motors are relatively frugal choices by comparison.

In December Sterling was spotted driving a £12,000 Smart car Fortwo to training, a car that he is seen using around once a week as he makes his way to and from his home in Merseyside and the Manchester training base.

He also drives a Light blue Audi A3 worth around £25,000, black Range Rover Sport SVR 2015 worth £100,000, black Audi Q7 worth £50,000 and a black Audi S6 worth £60,000.

He has been seen in all of the cars in the last two weeks.

A city source said: "Raheem keeps up guessing every day when it comes to him driving to work. We don't know from one day to the next which car he's going to turn up in - he's got a car for every day of the week. His garage must be enormous.''

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