A disturbing question: have you ever heard of the term "Suicide Tuesday?"

Answer: According to the 'Urban Dictionary, it is the nickname given to the trend for people who use the drug Ecstasy all weekend only to commit suicide when they fully come down from the high the following Tuesday.

Brilliant college student Ben Stollery, 18, was a victim of the party drug related depressive syndrome after taking the Ecstasy power MDMA during a Friday night out with friends.

Ben from New Mills, Derbyshire was thought to be on a 'high' on the Friday night but the following Monday he was found hanged by a river bank near a canoe club whilst suffering from the comedown.

Urban Dictionary says several other 'weekend'' users of Ecstasy had killed themselves just three days later in similar circumstances.

At an inquest into Ben's death in Stockport toxicologist Julie Evans who found traces of the drug in the teenager's blood said: "MDMA is a social drug and it increases energy but there is a term called Suicide Tuesday.

'A downside is that it can lead to depression, anxiety, tiredness and feeling hungry. Everyone is affected differently. His state of mind might have been affected.

''We know that he went out on the Friday night and the levels found would be in keeping with that. You would still detect it at very low levels, someone having used a recreational type dose on Friday night into Saturday morning.

''That would be in keeping with the effect it can have and that's when this downside occurs. It's usually a couple of days after taking it when depression is seen."

The hearing was told Ben was an ''intelligent and articulate'' young man who was a straight A pupil who excelled at rugby at Stockport Grammar School.

The six foot five teenager also played as a forward for Cheshire and for the joint Nottingham, Lancashire and Derbyshire team and was a team captain at Glossop rugby club.

But the teenager had started secretly taking drugs including cannabis when he was just 13 and began suffering from depression in the belief he was not succeeding academically. He quit Stockport Grammar where he was studying A levels in science subjects and enrolled at Abbey College in Manchester.

Cavendish Press' coverage of the inquest where the coroner recorded a suicide verdict featured in the Times newspaper, The Sun and the Mail online.

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