I-doll-ised! The celebrities immortalised as toy dolls

I-doll-ised! The celebrities immortalised as toy dolls (yet phenomenon dates back 170 years)

Numerous dolls have been modelled after celebrities with US giants Mattell creating an entire Barbie collection based on Hollywood stars like Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. It claims stars from Farrah Fawcett to Beyoncé have been ''i-doll-ised'' receiving a special 11.5-inch Barbie in their likeness, usually to commemorate a special event or achievement in pop culture.

In the latest ''celebrity doll'' creation, TV's X Factor judges have been ''dolled up'' as Bratz dolls as part of MGA Entertainment's revamp of the iconic American fashion toys.

But ''celebrity dolls'' date back to the 1840s when several famous ballerinas were featured as paper dolls before various military heroes were portrayed as figures.

During the silent movie era, the first Charlie Chaplin doll was produced in 1915 whilst a doll based on child star Diana Serra Cary otherwise known as ''Baby Peggy'' was a big hit in 1923.

In the 1930s a celebrity doll based on child actress Shirley Temple became a phenomenon and went on to sell millions. Variations are still produced to this day, generally in porcelain or vinyl.

Celebrity dolls still remain popular today - with some collectors believe they can increase in value once the celebrities pass away.

The best-selling celebrity dolls in history are The Spice Girls dolls, made in 1997, selling over eleven million.

Other million selling dolls of recent years include the Britney Spears doll, made in 1999 and the New Kids on the Block dolls which sold over two million and Christina Aguilera doll which sold three million.

The recreation of the X Factor judges feature a Simon Cowell doll dressed in the music mogul's trademark open white shirt and high-waistline dark trousers.

The Nick Grimshaw doll dons a speckled Topman creation whilst Rita Ora's model wears a red Tom Ford-inspired dress. Cheryl Fernandez-Versini doll sports a sophisticated monochrome dress and sky-high platforms.

Bratz created the dolls to celebrate the X Factor live shows. Cavendish Press was given a sneak preview by representatives of the manufacturers and our pictures featured in the Daily Star and the Daily Express.

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