Is it easier to stick to your diet of you’re a veggie?

 It might not be something that you’ve though of before but the suggestion that vegetarian food is less appetising has been suggested as one reason.

 We worked with Forza Supplements on research they had completed about why people stick to weight loss plans.

 And the company, which sells a range of diet products, also drew up a list of sexiest vegetarian celebs – topped by actress Natalie Portman and Joaquin Phoenix.

 Everyone knows how tough it is to stick to a diet but Forza’s research showed that huge percentages of people believe that it is easier for vegetarians.

 Does it mean that meat eaters are greedier or that veggie food is less appetising? Probably not. But the survey found that people thought that going meat free forced them to eat healthier.

 Using Forza’s stats we worked alongside their PR team to produce a story that was used in three national newspapers, providing a great talking point for people on diets and a great bit of publicity for the company itself.

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 The top vegetarian celebs were:

 Top ten most attractive female vegetarians

1 Natalie Portman 

2 Miley Cyrus 

3 Naomi Watts

4 Alicia Silverstone  

5 Michelle Pfeiffer 

6 Gwen Stefani 

7 Kate Winslet 

8 Ellen DeGeneres

9 Shania Twain

10 Ellie Goulding  

Top ten most attractive male vegetarians

1 Joaquin Phoenix

2 Tobey Maguire 

3 Christian Bale 

4 Woody Harrelson

5 Russell Brand 

6  Ricky Martin

7 Jared Leto 

8 Chris Martin 

9 Bryan Adams

10 Paul McCartney