Have you ever scrolled through a photo and found something strange staring back at you that you hadn’t noticed before? Or has a mysterious object ever photobombed your holiday snaps?

Just ask Emma Surgenor and her sister who thought they had been alone in a pitch black vault in Edinburgh - that is until they saw the photographs.

You can see the picture here


Emma, from Blackpool, got a severe case of the creeps when she looked back at the photograph taken during a tour of the famous Edinburgh Vaults to find what appears to be an 18th century ghost standing behind her sister.


Initially unaware of their find, the sisters scrolled through their pictures later that evening only to see what they thought was the ghostly apparition of a man dubbed ‘The Watcher’ photobombing their shot.


Adamant that no one else was near them in the vault that winter evening, the pair were sure they had stumbled upon a ghostly legend who has been seen by hundreds of other tourists as he protects his vault, watching as visitors pass by.


A little shaken up but excited by their chilling find, Emma was happy to share their extraordinary pictures with us which have now been featured on the Mail Online and Mirror Online for all to spot the gate-crashing ghost.


Have you ever felt the ghostly presence of The Watcher or have you had any other spine tingling experiences that have been caught on camera?

Whether you believe in ghosts and the paranormal or not, if you have you ever taken a snap and then been surprised to find an unexpected visitor has jumped into the shot we would love to see if. Perhaps you’ve captured a mysterious object on video that you just can’t explain? If you have any mind-blowing pictures or clips like Emma’s then please get contact on 0161 237 1066 or [email protected] we can’t wait to see it.