This week we helped to publicise the miraculous story of little Lillie Scott who spoke for the first time after being told by doctors that she would never utter a single word.

The courageous three-year-old was diagnosed with quadriplegic spastic and athetoid cerebral palsy as a baby which meant she couldn’t walk or swallow.

But Kimberley, Lillie’s mother, was dealt another blow when doctors explained that she would also never hear her little girl speak.  

The poorly tot spent months in hospital and at home hooked up to tubes, trapped in her own body, unable to properly communicate.

Despite their daughter’s devastating condition, her parents Kimberley and Ben, felt that she was straining to communicate with them – and they set about finding a way to help her ‘speak.’

Within a few months, with the help of friends and family, they had raised nearly £7000 for a ‘Stephen Hawking’ like machine called an Eye Gaze to help her communicate.

Just a month later, something miraculous happened.

One morning while she was playing with toys, Lillie uttered her first word, a word her mother had been dying to hear - ‘Mum.’

Her delighted parents sat back in amazement as they saw Lillie’s vocabulary double in a matter of weeks, including words like ‘nan,’ ‘more’ and ‘no.’

Inspired by the success of their first piece of kit, the devoted parents have also raised enough money to buy her a machine called an Innowalk which will improve her motor function and allow her to exercise.

After working with us, Lillie’s heart-warming story received coverage in the Daily Star and The Sun newspapers, highlighting the success of this technology, that has confounded all her doctor’s expectations.

Kimberley was happy to share her daughter’s story with us and show other families how important it is to keep fighting for the needs of your children and that miracles can and do happen.

Do you know anyone who has defied expectations or dumbfounded doctors with their miracle recovery? Or is there someone in your life with a debilitating condition whose story should be shared?

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