This week we helped to publicise Abi Longfellow’s shocking story of her family’s fight with the NHS to secure lifesaving treatment for her kidney disorder.

 Twelve-year-old Abi had been dealt a double blow: First that she had a serious health condition, but secondly they were told that the NHS won’t pay for the treatment that she so desperately needed even though the drugs are stored in her local hospital.

 The family were appalled and desperate for help.

NHS cutbacks are impacting on the lives of people up and down the country, while there is a debate about government spending on the NHS.

 We contacted Abi’s family and worked with them to get their story out there. Even the top consultant at their hospital was horrified that the NHS would not sanction spending on the drugs and co-operated with us to add impact to her case.

 After working with us her story received coverage on the front page of the Sunday People, which also ran a spread on pages four and five. It was then picked up by the Daily Mail and Daily Express newspapers.

 As a result the family appeared on This Morning with Phillip Schofield and Christine Bleakley, who brought the story to the attention of the Prime Minister David Cameron.

So far 150,000 people have signed as petition calling for the NHS to pay for the treatment that could save Abi’s life and her case has again been featured on the front page of the Sunday People.

 In the context of austerity and expected cutbacks to the NHS Abi’s case has resonated with families across the country.

 Abi’s family are concerned that others do not suffer like they do. Have you been affected by NHS cutbacks? Do you have a story about the NHS? Please get contact on 0161 237 1066 or [email protected]