The tragic story of Chris Wilcock hit the papers this week. Keen to look his best for his upcoming wedding, the dad-of-three from Darwen, Lancashire, resorted to slimming tablets to trim down his 12st frame for the big day. Sadly, the huge surge of caffeine from the tablets caused him to have a heart attack and he passed away in April.

Chris’s story came just two months after Eloise Parry hit the headlines when she took diet pills containing a poisonous chemical fertiliser which ended up killing her. She was just 21. The chemical Dinitrophenol (DNP) had previously been developed for diet pills in the 1930s but was later banned following a number of deaths. The tablets are illegal in the UK but Eloise managed to order them online.

The most shocking thing about these stories is that neither Chris or Eloise could be described as ‘obese’ yet they were both unhappy enough with their bodies to go to these dangerous lengths.

This week's Pick Me Up magazine ran our story with Leanne Kenny which showed the safe way to lose weight and look fab. Leanne had found that her weight piled on after she took advantage of the discounted pastries and snacks available through her supermarket job. When she topped 19st, she realised it was time to make some changes in her life so she joined a local slimming group and swapped her fatty snacks for fruit and salads instead. Now she’s down to a slinky 12st 3lb, is wearing size 12 jeans, and looks fantastic.

Leanne was thrilled to share her story and inspire others to lose weight in a healthy way. Do you have a weight-loss story you’d like to share? It could be that you have experimented with diet pills in the past, or you lost weight through healthy eating like Leanne. We’d love to hear from you.

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