Lynn whose daughter Nicola was murdered by an obsessed ex-boyfriend says: "We chose Cavendish because of the polite manner in which we were approached by them both initially & at a later follow up. I am a believer in first impressions & I am glad to say that our impression of the journalist proved to be correct; she was a lovely person to work with. Her honesty in her dealings with us shone through. She did as much for us as she could. Nic's story is a long one and was never going to be fully told in any magazine, but we were appraised of that from the beginning & didn't give us any false expectations. What Cavendish did do was to get the inquest into Nic's murder reported in the national papers & radio in an empathetic way. They ensured what happened to Nic was reported to a wide audience in the magazines and papers that people read in the manner & style that the readers expect. My request was that others might learn from Nic's story - Cavendish achieved this and we are grateful that they are the ones that we entrusted ourselves to. I would offer this as a testimonial to the manner in which Cavendish dealt with my family in the aftermath of Nic's murder. They met every expectation that we agreed upon as we set out on our short journey together. I would recommend Cavendish to deal with others as they were open, honest & professional in all dealings with my family."