Clairvoyant Cheryl who claims she found her husband Reg Gibson by consulting the spirit world said: "I found the reporter to be very polite and a brilliant interviewer. The interview was fun to do, and the resulting piece she wrote was sensitive and very, very well written. The piece that landed up in Full House was written for the readers of that magazine, and as such was written well. I have had a lot of feedback from readers who enjoyed the story immensely, so it must have been good! It’s good to have been part of this process, and it just shows that real people are featured in magazines, from all walks of life. Everyone I dealt with was very helpful and friendly which is brilliant. Can I take this opportunity to thank you all for your kindness and help, and I would suggest to anyone who is approached, or is thinking of putting in a story to yourselves to go ahead! They will be treated with kindness and respect."